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Hypnosis Office in Winter Park, Fl
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::::Welcome to! ....a division of WestPhD Inc.


Tired of wimpy massages, we at 321massage offer deep tissue and Acuassage!
These massages are deeper than swedish, and if you are like me and hate the feather touch, you will love our Acuassage.



At 321Massage, you can find different packages on massage, hypnosis, skin care, wraps, scrubs, and other personal services.




Mission Statement :::::::.......

.....::::: The mission of WestPhD Inc. is to make a positive difference in the lives of each individual that visits, by providing proven massage techniques and other therapies to assist the client in regain optimum health allowing them to achieve a higher potential in there life.

.....::::: At WestPhD Inc., we are confident, caring, and competent. We provide services with the highest integrity, standards and ethic's in the areas offered. Each of our Therapists has been trained extensively in these areas, and even specializes in one or more of the massage modalities.

.....::::: Our Future Goal is to be a recognized leader in Massage, Hypnosis, and Reiki; to offer products and information that can relax and repair the emotional, spiritual and physical body.




.....:::::Dr. West Kirkley :::::..........::::: MA47605 :::::..........:::::MM##### :::::.....

MM number being applied for until then OUT Calls only.





Fl. Lic. # MA47605
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